CDC - circuit design corp.

What We Do

Circuit Design Corporation (CDC) helps manufacturing facilities significantly reduce the overall costs associated with the procurement of bulk feedstock by optimizing the procurement workflow processes.

CDC has developed a Bulk Procurement And Logistics Management System (BPAL), a proven, comprehensive solution for all intrinsic administrative and real time operational functions that form an enterprise infrastructure for the procurement of Biomass Feedstock, Wood Fiber Feedstock such as chips, logs, or Recycled Materials. BPAL has a proven field record of returning value over the years of its integration within a typical procurement cycle.

CDC will assist in identifying improvement opportunities in the feedstock procurement cycle followed by customization carried out by CDC professionals in order to implement a BPAL system that maximizes site capabilities. At the conclusion of implementation and end user training, CDC provides ongoing user support and regular system enhancements for further benefits realization.

Our customers are experiencing significant benefits such as paying only for the net quantity of feedstock by accounting for contaminants, streamlining infrastructure elements required to operate and control the cycle and exploiting online, real time, accurate data for management planning, control and reporting.