CDC - circuit design corp.
About Us

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Having started operations in 1978, CDC draws on decades of software engineering skills and experience that has been utilized to create comprehensive computerized solutions.

CDC’s team consists of dedicated professionals whose combined knowledge of client processes and computerization skills have been key to our client’s successes. We believe in computerized system development and evolution driven by clients needs and taking advantage of technology advances and market trends to maximize our clients' ROI.

Our Clients

Many business sectors can benefit from CDC’s computerized solutions. We are presently focusing on the following...

  • Pulp, paper, lumber, panel boards
  • Bio-energy, bio-fuel
  • Material recycling
Challenges our clients have addressed with BPAL...

  • Supplier/carrier contract management
  • Accurate measurement of delivered weight
  • Accurate measurement of net useable feedstock (contaminant tracking)
  • Avoidance of feedstock quality or type mixing
  • Yard traffic control
  • Rapid identification of deviant supplier activities
  • On-demand access to aggregated information
  • Management of supply to customers (internal or external) – sales logistics