Bulk Procurement and Logistics Management

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Bulk Procurement And Logistics Management

BPAL is a comprehensive system combining state-of-the-art software and hardware used by mills producing pulp, paper, lumber and panel board products, by bio-energy and bio-fuel plants, or by recycling sites.

A typical bulk feedstock procurement cycle consists of events such as purchase planning, contract creation and control, payment to suppliers, sales logistics to internal or external clients. This creates the need for traffic monitoring, vehicle weighing, sample extraction, control at vehicle unloading sites, inventory tracking and quality analysis.

BPAL Administration components are provided through a secure user based access allowing an authorized user to perform Administrative and Management functions such as establishing Vendors, Products, Contracts, Payment types, Payment Rates, Bar coded cards, etc.

BPAL Automation components provide an advanced level of automating bulk procurement workflow such as yard access, vehicle weighing, vehicle receiving, vehicle unloading, sample extraction and feedstock quality testing.


CDC professionals will advise on identifying improvement opportunities in the feedstock procurement process and its associated benefits. On-going client support, technology upgrades and software functional improvements will help maximize benefits realization.

For more detailed information we encourage you to contact us and together we can uncover your business requirements and determine how integrating a BPAL software and hardware solution can make a difference.