BPAL Automation components provide an advanced level of automating bulk procurement workflow such as Access Control, Delivery Point Control, Sample Collection, Weigh Scale and Registration, Unloading and Receiving, and feedstock Quality Analysis.


Access Control

A pre-assigned bar coded Card or Release used when entering the premises permit the monitoring and tracking of subsequent events that a delivery will cycle through. Bar code card readers connected to BPAL and placed at locations where an action will take place make it possible to collect data on that event.

For traffic monitoring, transaction processing consists of recording the occurrence of an event including the date and time.  All data is posted to the transaction created at Entry and stored in the BPAL database. Security personnel wishing to view a traffic profile can request events based on a specific selection criteria.  On line screen display and/or reports are then generated in response to the request for information.


  • Bar coded ID card identification with real-time authentication.

  • Audit logging with pop-up alerts to security officer.

  • Can be configured to control inbound and outbound vehicles.

Delivery Point Control

  • Control access to specific delivery (unloading) points in the yard.

  • User defined maximum number of vehicles per delivery point.

  • Red / Green signal lights indicate whether system will accept another vehicle at the highlighted delivery point.

  • Integrated with Registration at Weigh Scale to disallow entry of vehicles assigned to a specific delivery point when the maximum number of vehicles for that delivery point has been reached.


Sample Collection

  • Sample collection can be performed manually or by a BPAL interface to automated sampling equipment.

  • BPAL offers a unique method to reduce the volume of sample testing and can be configured by Product or by Vendor Contract without giving advance knowledge that a specific vehicle is to be tested.

Weigh Scale and Registration

  • At entry/exit, for manned or unmanned operations, plastisized reusable or multi-stub consumable Bar Coded ID card is used to identify information such as Vendor, Origin, Product, Contract, Vehicle, Delivery Schedule and much more...

  • Traffic lights ensure proper vehicle flow. Detection sensors are used for automatic truck scale zeroing and proper vehicle positioning.

  • Easy-to-follow automated sequencing guides the entire operation from entry to exit.

  • Whether weighing in loaded and weighing out empty or weighing in empty and weighing out loaded, the net weight will be calculated as the absolute value.


Unloading and Receiving

  • Bar coded ID card scanned to identify delivery and ensure the product is authorized to unload at the specific delivery point.

  • BPAL interfaces with dumper PLC and issues a Go/No-Go signal to the controller preventing the unloading of a product into the wrong delivery point avoiding accidental product contamination.

Quality Analysis

  • Test parameters can be any defined contaminant. Quality Analysis protocols and limits are user defined by contract, product and individual data collection element.

  • Test results are saved in real-time using a direct link to the specific delivery based on Transaction ID or unique Bar Coded ID.

  • Menu driven testing procedures define automated steps allowing for single or composite testing of many samples.

  • Testing procedures are tailored to increase productivity as computer-interfaced laboratory equipment makes manual recording a thing of the past.