Automate Results with BPAL

Bulk Procurement and Logistic Management Solution by CDCorp

Experience how CDCorp’s Integrated Hardware and Software Automation can help your company: Reduce Costs, Avoid Errors, Improve Workflows and Increase Efficiency.

An automated, safe and contactless solution for bulk feedstock procurement.

Let’s discuss what BPAL can do for you and your company.

Reduce Costs
and Losses

Optimize workflow processes for bulk feedstock procurement and deliveries, reduce human resource costs, and increase peace of mind.

Reduce Risk and
Build Resilience

Reduce risk of human error, protect workers, and stay operating in times of uncertainty.

Increase Growth Potential
and Profitability

Free up time and capital for growth, development and achieve competitive advantage with leading-edge automation.

and Control

Manage access, connectivity and communications in real time with BPAL’s secure user-friendly interface.

Improved Accuracy
and Business

Automate the complete procurement cycle and access critical real-time reports remotely from all connected devices.

and Operational

Centralize and manage administrative functions like quality and payment calculations, sales, and contract and inventory management.

Let the numbers convince you.

Use our ROI calculator to estimate real cost savings when you integrate BPAL into your raw material supply chain infrastructure or call us to learn more.