An ROI analysis is a an essential and very useful tool to assist in assessing the value of the monetary benefit that would accrue when BPAL is incorporated within the Raw Material Supply Chain Infrastructure of a given facility. An ROI methodology using a spreadsheet is provided below to enable exercising various scenario calculations considering costs and reasonable operational savings. This calculator takes into consideration many factors allowing for an in-depth evaluation of their impact on the ROI which then reveal different benefit accruals. Cost and saving factors are inputs specific to each client facility. A calculation example is shown.  

Change any number initiate the calculation:

    Vehicles Received per year and Annual Cost of Purchased Fiber

    Number of days
    Average value of truck content ($)
    Total number of trucks per year
    Total yearly value

    Manpower Costs

    # of staff assigned to fiber procurement activities
    Average yearly salary per staff member
    Annual cost attributed
    to staff assigned to fiber procurement

    Cost Reduction Factors in %

    Workflow Stations
    Premises Entry
    Weigh scale in/scale out events
    Vehicle unloading event
    Lab Operations
    IT Deptartment

    Savings potential

    Savings accrued from reduction in errors and or omissions for each vehicle transaction
    Per transaction
    Total potential savings in error and or omissions reduction
    Savings due to gains in labour productivity (in %)
    Total potential labour savings
    Total savings

    Cost Elements*

    One Time Charges:
    BPAL Right to use License Fee
    Supplementary Hardware
    Onsite pre-Installation visit
    Onsite Installation and Go-Live
    Remote Set-Up and Training
    Total One Time Fees
    Total Annual Support Costs ($)
    Total First Year Cost (not incl. savings)

    ROI Calculation

    Estimated time required for an ROI in months

    Estimated annual savings after first year investments

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    *Example Software Cost Only. Contact us to discuss your needs.