Pre-Installation Activities

Detailed walk through BPAL’s functional capabilities to assist in the decision to purchase a BPAL License for the right to install and utilize BPAL’s operational functionality.

CDCorp will carry out a visit to the facility at no cost to assess all the features of the existing bulk material Supply Chain Infrastructure.

Based on knowledge from site visit, CDC’s quote will list all the requirements for BPAL integration within the facility LAN Network including all other external peripheral equipment.

Client Interactive Consulation

Review of Business Rules and suggestions by CDC which had been acquired from BPAL field experience all to improve efficiency and productivity

BPAL Network node assessment and consultation for equipment to BPAL interfacing to ensure proper initialization setup processes.

BPAL Implementation planning for system integration utilizing the facility LAN and if required connectivity to corporate WAN.

Installation Services

  • Specification for all connectivity wiring of  peripheral equipment.
  • Remote installation of BPAL Server and workstation components.
  • Follow-up training of administrative staff to pre-load BPAL’s Database with all foundation data.
  • Assist in data preparation and follow-up data management training.
  • Site installation assistance to include all BPAL to equipment interface connectivity.
  • On site user training concurrent with remote training, all to integrate the different task disciples carried out by BPAL users. 
  • Site pre-live verification of all operational administrative and network node task functionalities.
  • Go-Live monitoring and approval

Post-Installation Services

  • Period for adjustments to in effect for the first month of online operations
  • Commencement of BPAL’s Annual Support for 24/7 access to BPAL specialists
  • Occasional BPAL upgrade via remote installation, and as determined by CDCorp which is a feature of BPAL’s Annual Support

Research and Development

CDC has an active program to consistently enhance BPAL’s operational status by carrying out research activities. Examples include: 

  • Evaluating client requests and responding by research and analysis to understand the merits and how to incorporate in BPAL when found to be justified.
  • Maintaining CDC’s software development infrastructure so that CDC’s enhancement capability conforms to the most current industry standards.
  • Carrying out intrinsic research and development to improve BPAL operation capabilities as well as peak performance.

All results from these activities will result in integration within BPAL and all clients of CDC’s user community will be occasionally upgraded to benefit from all improvements