Founded in 1978, CDC draws on decades of software engineering skill and experience in creating comprehensive software and hardware solutions. CDC’s team consists of resolute professionals whose combined knowledge of software development and industry processes have been key to our success. 

In the early stages, CDC was a custom software developer focused on two streams, shop floor control applications and business system applications in the mini-computer environment.

One of CDC’s mandates was to develop a custom application for automating bulk raw material deliveries on a weigh-scale, bringing together development experience from both the shop floor control and business systems streams.

With the advent of a true multi-tasking, multi-threading operating system in the late 80’s, CDC shifted development from the more costly mini-computer environment to the more cost-effective PC environment.

Over the years, the custom application CDC developed for automating bulk raw material deliveries grew in scope and functionality based on user requirements and multiple implementations.

Based on the expanded scope and increased demand for the system, in the mid 2000’s, CDC transitioned from custom software development to a “product” centric model.

CDC’s Bulk Procurement and Logistics Management System (BPAL) was born.